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45 Stunning Examples of Water Drop Reflection Photography
April 2019 Monthly Focus -- Photographing a season - Spring
Spring Photography Tips
  Fall is my favorite seasons for taking photographs but after Winter I always look forward to Spring, the migration followed by the spring flowers and the buds and blooms that start growing on the trees. Spring offers a variety of metaphors and concepts for photographers to express, such as rebirth, cleansing, and beauty, and after spending most of the winter indoors, its time to put those cameras to use. I have links on this page to give you both inspiration and tips on how to best capture spring with your camera. This is also the Monthly challenge so get out take a picture that says spring and post it on the Facebook page, you may email me your best 3 and I will place them on the website once the month of April is over.
Five Ideas for Your Spring Photography
How To Photograph Beautiful Wildflowers
11 Tips for Photographing Spring
By Olympus Visionary Larry Price
8 Things to Photograph on Rainy Days