Light is everything in photography, it doesn’t matter whether the source is natural or manmade, to take images for uniqueness understanding the light source is important.
Matching Flash with Ambient Light for Outdoor Portraits
Better Than Ambient Light: Take and Make Great Photography with Gavin Hoey
How to Balance Indoor and Outdoor light: Exploring Photography with Mark Wallace
How to Mix Flash and Ambient Light
Various scenarios: Balancing flash with ambient light
Balancing Flash and Natural Light for Portraits
How to balance off-camera flash with ambient light.
Balancing Low Ambient Light with Flash
How to Balance Ambient Light & Flash for Better Outdoor Portraits
How to balance ambient and flash for backlit portraits
This page is intended to help shed some light on the subject (Pun intended)
Natural Lighting
Speed Lights & Stobes
Light Modifiers
One Light set-ups
High Speed Sync
Mixing Ambient light with Flash
Lighting Patterns